West Ham United's values and traditions are what set the club apart. The values of the Academy of Football, developed since the days of Bobby Moore - who was such an ambassador of football and played the best part of his career at our club - define what West Ham United is about.

Our standing at home and abroad is rightly built on our history and our commitment to young talent and that is at the heart of our football philosophy. We are extremely fortunate to have true legends of the game steeped in our recent history and are proud to be able to boast such a fantastic support base.

West Ham United's values reflect our rich heritage, but whilst we celebrate our history we are always striving forward, leading the way and embracing new ways of thinking.

The club is a microcosm of the east London area it inhabits - rich in culture and history, proud of its traditions but at the cutting edge of dynamic change. We are at the heart of the changes in east London and are constantly adapting and modernising to meet the needs of the changing face and demographic make-up of our area.

West Ham is for everyone in east London and beyond. It is these values that widen our appeal far beyond the east end and on a global scale -they are what make us 'everyone's second team'. We work tirelessly in the community to improve the lives of those who need it through the power of sport and football. We support our community through our long-standing ethos and commitment to make football more accessible and affordable to all.

Our brand for 2012/13 season fully reflects our values and our commitment to our community on every level. West Ham United is 'Moore than a Football Club' - it has been rooted in the local community and working with and for it since 1895.

With the world's spotlight set to shine on this part of London, the time is right to spread the word further. 2012/13 celebrates everything that the club represents to its community.
We take this responsibility seriously and are committed to ensuring that throughout the organisation we are true to these values.

As a result we are building on the fantastic foundations of our established Community Trust and will be developing it further to ensure that it is continues to develop and grow our support base at grassroots. The club will update you on these initiatives throughout 2012/13 season.

The Board would like to thank you, our loyal fans, for your support and everything you do to ensure that West Ham United remains Moore than a Football Club.

Moore Than a Football Club