West Ham United and Millwall would like to update supporters who are planning to attend the West Ham United versus Millwall match at the Boleyn Ground on Saturday 4 February.

Both football clubs have been working closely with the Metropolitan Police and the British Transport Police since August to ensure fans of all ages enjoy an excellent afternoon of football.

The game between the two sides in 2009 was a testing occasion for all concerned and many of the lessons learnt from that night have already been implemented.

When the two teams met at The Den in September 2011 fans from both sides supported their teams in exactly the right way; with passion and noise but with respect for those around them. That helped to create an electric atmosphere inside and outside of the stadium where the football was the main talking point afterwards. It is hoped that fans attending the return game at the Boleyn Ground will continue this positive attitude.

To help deliver a safe game for all there will be a complete alcohol ban in the stadium and in all surrounding pubs and off-licenses. This ban complements the existing Designated Public Places Order (DPPO) already in place across the borough of Newham.

While it is hoped and expected that fans will behave in a respectful manner both inside the stadium and in the surrounding areas, there will be a zero tolerance policy towards anybody who attempts to cause disruption.

There will be a large and noticeable police presence on the day to ensure the safety of supporters and they will also deal with any inappropriate behaviour quickly and robustly. Anybody causing a disturbance can expect a lifetime ban from both clubs and possible prosecution.

For more information on ticketing and the expected behaviour of supporters, please click here .