The Multi-sports Access and Retention Scheme is a community development project designed to engage Newham residents in Olympic and Paralympic sport.  The project caters for a comprehensive range of ages and abilities, including eleven forms of disability provision, with the long term objective of generating a sustainable Olympic Legacy for East London.

At its' heart lies the growing partnership between West Ham United Community Sports Trust and the London Borough of Newham.  In conjunction with the Premier League/Professional Footballers Association Community Fund £300,000 of resourcing will be injected to create a tangible opportunity for young people and their families to engage as East London prepares for 2012.

Elected Mayor of Newham, Sir Robin Wales

The project is underpinned by an integrated service delivery model, with selected local clubs providing sports specific expertise, and effective referrals from the programme. These include Newham & Essex Beagles (Athletics), Langon City Tennis Academy, Newham All-star Sports Academy (Basketball), Youngbloods (Basketball), and Newham Flames Handball Club

Providing Access to Sport

At the project's core is a PE Curriculum programme which provides introductory sessions in Athletics, Basketball, Handball, Tennis, and Football to 7 - 11 year olds.  Participants who demonstrate an enthusiasm and aptitude for each sport are individually referred to more advanced classes, and subsequently to selected local clubs where they can improve their skills and compete. 

Jonathan Spector

This is mirrored by a comprehensive range of disability provision which caters for young people and adults with visual impairment, hearing impairment, severe & minor learning difficulties, and wheelchair users.  This element of the project is key to the Club's inclusive approach to disability.  The Trust will work alongside local support groups to ensure long term sustainability, and grow community clubs which will be able to compete both regionally and nationally in the future.


In order to address the problem of young people dropping out of sport in the long term the project has established a participation to coaching pathway with our partner clubs.  A series of performance coaching classes are run both at local community venues and at the clubs themselves.  These are designed to act as an incentive for players to keep participating by providing a new challenge, and a greater degree of competition within the club.  In addition to this individuals will be encouraged to complete their coaching badges, and make a long term contribution to developing the younger players at their respective clubs.

Premier League Professional Footballers Association Community Fund