West Ham United has confirmed the list of players to be released following the end of their contracts this summer.

The following six professionals have been released:

Lionel Scaloni
Darren Blewitt
Trent McClenahan
Petr Mikolanda
Sekou Baradji
Matthew Reed

Two third-year Academy scholars have been released:

Darren Behcet
Jemal Henry

Six second year Academy scholars have been released:

Ryan Andrews
David Cowley
Liam White
Ishmael Welsh
Densal Davidson
Eren Kemal

Meanwhile, the following 10 school-leavers are to be taken on in July as first year Academy scholars:

Tom Harvey
Jordan Spence
Bondz Ngala
Robbie Blackwell
Ben Hunt
Ashley Miller
Ryan O'Neill
Junior Stanislas
Fred Sears
Gary Bowes